The Company is committed to running an effective environmental management in all business operations to minimize environmental impacts in order to achieve sustainable development goals through environmental aspects.


Implementing CSR is a form of the Company's commitment to achieve one of the Company's missions to focus on impact on humanity. The basic principle for this aspect of social responsibility is to provide mutual benefits (fair shared value) in order to improve the quality of life and a beneficial environment, both for the company itself, the local community, and society in general.

CSR Activities

PT Era Digital Media Tbk believes that contributing to the good of society is everyone's duty, and this is the commitment of PT Era Digital Media Tbk to take part in it.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Secretary Announcement

Establishment of Internal Audit Unit

Internal Audit Unit Charter

Decree of Appointment of Head of Internal Audit Unit

Formation of the Audit Committee

Approval of the Board of Commissioners for Nomination & Remuneration Functions

Implementation of Nomination & Remuneration Functions